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Our 2015 ADA National Championship Winners!

Congratulations to all of our Pro Dart Players who competed in this years ADA National Championship! This year it was held at the International Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. Our 221 players shot amazing and brought home a ton of wins, many noteable placements and dominated most events!

Some of our memorable wins include Bonnie Wei who took first place in Open Women's Singles Cricket; Jesse Beach who took first place in Men's Pro Singles 501; Doug Deremer, Mike Sarandos, and Doug Watkins who took first in Express Soft Tip Open; Holly Dye, Bonnie Wei, and Jacquiline Fowler who took first in Women's Express Soft Tip; Jesse Beach who took first place in Men's Single Steel Tip.

There were many achievements and many more placements from our amazing 221 dart players. Check out the full list here.

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