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Extreme Highlight: Dacey Hartsfield ​​

The awesome thing about running online leagues is you get the opportunity to virtually meet some fantastic dart players! During one of our online leagues I was fortunate enough to come across an extraordinary player – Dacey Hartsfield!

Not only is she a great player but she is exactly what Extreme is all about - professional, great sportsmanship and promotes the game of darts. We would like to introduce you to Dacey Hartsfield, Extreme Team 2021!

Dacey currently calls Atlanta, GA home, but is a born and raised Texan. She started her love affair with darts back in 1990 where she would tag along with her mom at the local watering hole where the soft tip boards and challengers were abundant. She didn’t pick up steel tip until about 2009 when she joined a team in the Atlanta Decatur Dart Association.

Dacey’s favorite players are a very close tie between The Bully Boy, Michael Smith and Snakebite Peter Wright. Like Peter Wright, Dacey has a few sets of darts that depending on how she feels, may get thrown and switched up.

Current darts are the 24g Target Agoras Swiss Points with Condor Axes and 24g Peter Wright 2018 World Champ Darts with Unicorn shafts and L Style Cami L3 flights. One of Dacey’s favorite dart accomplishments has happened over this last year and a half through COVID. Dacey has helped a ton of people get setup and learn how to throw darts virtually. Technology is a passion of hers and she has thoroughly enjoyed helping others learn how to still play the game and remain competitive and connected through a difficult time.

Dacey will be going to the American Darters Association National Championships in St. Louis in July and will be representing Extreme during the All Star Event.

Welcome to Extreme Dacey! We are looking forward to supporting you in your dart endeavors!


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